The all-new 2019 Citroen Berlingo, which is expected to introduced at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, is officially unveiled details of its design, engine options, new technologies and driving assistants.

2019 Citroen Berlingo’s renewed face surfaced before the world premiere in Geneva next March. Citroen seems to have not missed any features in the design-to-technology passenger car from top to bottom.

The French carmaker completely revamped Berlingo, the brand’s best-selling model in 27 countries, the second-best selling model after the C3 model worldwide. A new look and features will be available starting with the M and XL versions from the second half of this year.

At first glance, it is not difficult to see the design of 2019 Citroen Berlingo from the brand’s other models C3 and C4 Cactus. The design details of these vehicles seem to transferred to the new Berlingo, including Airbump technology.

As far as dimensions and the living space are concerned, the vehicle will be offered in two versions, the M version is 4.4 meters and the XL variant is 4.75 meters. The new Berlingo also measures 1.85 meters width and 1.81 meters height. Like many PSA Group models, the new Citroen Berlingo is built on the advanced EMP2 platform.

Practical solutions exist in the cabin. On the inside, according to the current model, the M version has developed 100 liters of luggage capacity of 775 liters and the XL version reaches 1050 liters. In addition to the luggage space, the 28 intelligent storage compartments offer an extra 186 liters. The “Modutop” compartment, located on the ceiling, also provides an extra 92 liters of storage space. The window in the luggage compartment can be opened independently, which is a useful for easy accessibility.

After the interior, let’s talk about engine options that give life to All-new 2019 Citroen Berlingo. On the petrol side of the range, 110 HP and 120 HP 1.2-liter turbo engines will be offered along with manual and 8-speed automatic transmissions. On the diesel side, the option of three different 1.5-liter engines producing 75, 100 and 130 horsepower will be combined with a manual gearbox in the first place. The 8-speed automatic option will be added later.

Along with that, the new technological features in 2019 Citroen Berlingo are also important. On the inside, the 8-inch infotainment screen, just above the center air vents, offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, while instant traffic and three-dimensional navigation can be viewed from this screen. The wireless charging for smartphones is among the added features.

2019 Citroen Berlingo’s electronic assistants include adaptive cruise control, parking assist, blind spot warning system, emergency braking support, intelligent long headlights, lane tracking system, and PSA’s 5 driving mode Grip Control features.

The price not been announced yet, but all details of 2019 Citroen Berlingo will be revealed in Geneva next month.